Cloud Platforms

ATS offers Cloud Solutions to clients in multiple ways to help them leverage the cloud infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Afficloud:

    AffiCloud Platform is a Hosted Private Cloud Platform for building a fault tolerant IT Infrastructure in the cloud with options for Flexible Scaling & Expansion of leased cloud capabilities. This Platform is built on VMWare/Hyper V Technologies, the server are Co-located in Tier 3 facilities in Mumbai. This guarantees 99.95% availability.

  • Microsoft Azure:

    Windows Azure is an Open & flexible platform that allows the applications to be created, deployed & scaled in global Microsoft Datacenters by using specific languages, tools & operational environment. IT becomes easy to pay only for the actual quantity of resources used. The Platform is powered by MS Hyper-V Technology & the DC’s are located in Worldwide regions.

  • Amazon Web Services:

    Amazon delivers a global cloud platform, where in Virtual Machine Configurations are optimized for specific scenarios like High Performance Computing, Calculations that use Graphic Processors, in memory optimized machines. IT also offers broad capabilities for building a virtual network and corporate service publishing, Solutions for Big Data Processing; Solutions for Web App Development and also including the possibilities of consolidating local & Cloud infrastructure with dedicated channel & bandwidth.