IceWarp Mailing Solution

The Most Complete Collaboration Suite Yet More Than Just Email

IceWarp entirely changes the concept of how terms share information online. Ultimate all-in-one-collaboration platform and a whole new family of apps put powerful collaboration tools right at user's fingertips by integrating everything they need under a single login - Email, TeamChat and Storage.

Features of IceWarp:
  • Email and Calendaring:

    A complete suite of productivity web applications including Email, Calendaring, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, TeamChat, WebChat, Voice and Video calls and secure online Storage.

  • TeamChat and VideoCalls:

    TeamChat allows users to have conversation with different groups of people at once, plan meetings, conference calls, webmeetings or edit documents together. External guest can join for free.

  • Storage and Documents:

    Documents, spreadsheets and presentations are managable online without the need to install an Office suite. All files are stored in one place so FileSync can easily synchronize them to your PC and keep them up-to-date.

  • Multi-layered Security:

    A unique combination of world class multi-threaded Anti-Virus and multi-layered Anti-Spam protection stops malicious or unwanted behavior in real time. Administrator tool makes management of mobile devices and client applications easier and prevent its misuse.

IceWarp Solution
  • WebDocuments:

    Create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation in a single click or simply upload your files using drag and drop to share them within the team, then edit them online together.

  • Dektop Suite:

    Package of software including an offline office application suite working within a desktop. It combines Desktop Email, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets and Desktop Presentations.

  • FileSync and Desktop Apps:

    Our own desktop apps allowing you to ease your work from the desktop, when communicate with others. FileSync helps you synchronize and share files while TeamChat Desktop lets you work with multiple TeamChat accounts at once.

  • IceChat and Mobility:

    With full support for Exchange ActiveSync users can safely synchronize email, calendar and contacts with any mobile device. Install IceChat for iOS and chat on the go, instantly share photos or your location from your iPhone.